The slot has been permanently locked

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Contextual translation of "the slot has been permanently locked" into Dutch. Human translations with examples: dit en, dit sm, het vlees is, vooruitgang is.

2019-5-6 · "This Apple ID has been locked for security reasons" When you see one of these alerts, you can go to to unlock your account with your existing password or to reset your password. After multiple unsuccessful attempts to unlock your account, your Apple ID will remain locked and you can try again the next day. Synchronizing Threads | Qt 5.12 2019-4-17 · Qt provides low-level primitives as well as high-level mechanisms for synchronizing threads. QWaitCondition makes threads wait until a particular condition has been met. ... thus reducing the chances that a resource becomes permanently locked by accident. High-Level Event Queues. postgres/slot.c at master · postgres/postgres · GitHub * Now that the slot has been marked as in_use and active, it's safe to * Permanently drop replication slot identified by the passed in name. */ void: ReplicationSlotDrop (const char *name, bool nowait) ... * If already_locked is true, ProcArrayLock has already been acquired * exclusively. */ FrequentlyAskedQuestions · Wiki · cryptsetup / cryptsetup

Solved: The Cache is Permanently Disabled - Hewlett Packard ...

FrequentlyAskedQuestions · Wiki · cryptsetup / cryptsetup If you are sure you are entering the passphrase right, there is the possibility that the respective key-slot has been damaged. There is no way to recover a damaged key-slot, except from a header backup (see Section 6). For security reasons, there is also no checksum in the key-slots that could tell you whether a key-slot has been damaged. 9 Ways to Help Burglar Proof Your Mail Slot | SafeWise It is installed on the inside of your door so it can’t be tampered with and has a metal locked box that holds you mail. No intruder will be able to worm their way in by putting a wire or hand through the mail slot. get motion sensing lighting to give someone a jolt if they’re wandering onto your property and discover they’ve been seen ...

i have a new phone. It is unlocked but my i want to use my sim card from giff gaff. i have "the slot has been permanently locked*. how do i unlock this. i have the puk and 16 digist number.

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I put my giffgaff in my new mobile phone. I made a... - The ... I pur my giffgaff in my new mobile phone but i mare a wrong code and now my card is locked! What can i do to unlocked my slot? Thanks How To Unlock 4th Rune Slot Bloodborne - Get your bonus ...